Weight Loss

I am the Clinic Director at Atlanta Weight Loss and Body Balance, where I practice what I teach, and I highly recommend this program for permanent successful weight loss.

Weight loss resistance is the biggest reason many people today are unable to lose weight. Losing weight is hard, and when your body has been trained to resist weight loss, it’s even harder. The obesity rate is higher than ever. More than two thirds of America is overweight, and more than a third are clinically obese. It’s very rare that you actually see a person of normal weight because everyone is struggling. Very few people understand the underlying reasons why it’s no longer a matter of calories in versus calories out. To eat less and exercise more is the old way of thinking. It’s much more related to hormones and chemical balances in our system. We do the FBCA to determine what is causing weight to be held on your body, so we can go to the root cause, address it, and weight comes off as a natural side effect to the balancing.

Weight loss today has some common factors such as hormone imbalances, environmental toxins, gut challenges, food sensitivities, and vitamin/mineral deficiencies. These are all uncovered through our gateway FBCA to get to your root cause of your body holding weight. Our weight loss program is an all-natural approach that includes testing, eating plan, email support, shopping tips and follow up visits. When discovering the root cause and correcting it, that is the key to permanent weight loss that can easily be maintained.

Did you know that the human body has over 30 hormones that regulate weight? I analyze the need for hormone balancing in every patient to determine the best path for weight loss. And when you think hormones, don’t just think women. If you look at most men today, they carry a lot of weight on their abdomen and that is also a hormone balance issue. It is the same weight loss hormones in men and women. You must tune your entire body, not just fix a few foods or habits.

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