Success Stories

Stories of Success

My life has completely changed ever since Dr. Susan explained to me everything in the unique blood work she does. I used to suffer from migraines every month as my menstrual cycle was about to start. It was almost as if the migraine came to warn me of what’s coming ahead. But with her help I discovered that if I eliminated certain foods and developed better eating habits, it would all go away. On top of that, I have been able to lose weight and sleep much better. No more migraines and my lifestyle today is incredibly amazing! I have a much better eating habit and apparently it is visible because I’ve gotten so many compliments while being able to help so many people by referring them to her. I cannot be more thankful and grateful for how Dr. Susan’s practice changed my life!

Vanessa Matos

When I first started the program, I was overweight and suffered with high blood pressure. With Dr. Susan’s orientations, I was able to lose weight very fast and I even stopped taking medication for HBP. I started feeling much better and healthier. I am very grateful for Dr. Susan as well as her assistant Vanessa, both always being so prompt to help me.

Weliton Brito

I have received more answers to my health issues in one visit to her than all the doctors I have seen in the last 10 years.

Not only does she have the most in depth intake for (300+ questions), she presented me with a 25 page review of my blood work and a course of action on the follow up. I am so excited to finally have a plan to heal myself. I cannot recommend her enough.

Monica M.

While under the care of Dr. Susan I was able to learn a lot about the importance of cellular detox as well as a ver in-depth analysis of the state of my overall health by doing a blood test. The blood test allowed me to see and implement the changes to my lifestyle and diet that would help me align with where I wanted my health to be in both the short term and long term. Dr. Susan helped explain my results in a way that was easy to understand as well as motivating. She always made me feel like a lifestyle/diet change would not be difficult but rather an exciting journey toward optimal physical health.

Regarding the Cellular Detox program I had already been consistently working out by weightlifting and cardio however during the period I was going through the program, my body was able to effectively decrease my body fat while also building muscle and I had so much energy while working out. I definitely recommend Dr. Susan and her services to anyone who wants to improve their health, but also to anyone who is already healthy but wanting to refine some areas or just get some feedback on any areas in which they can improve upon.

Fred Sowemimo

Dr. Monias has been amazing for the health of my family. She is dedicated and patient with teaching us and guiding us to achieve better health. My husband first saw her because of high cholesterol and now the whole family is learning about preventative care.

Lorena Jesus

I had chronic stomach issues for many years. I had been to 5 different doctors, hospitals and had multiple tests run. I had 2 CAT scans, colonoscopy and all kinds of blood work. I originally felt like how would Dr. Monias find the problem when I have already been to so many others. But my pain and suffering continued until I contacted Dr. Monias and she did the Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis. She discovered the root causes of my chronic stomach issues. I started on all the things she instructed and started feeling better about a week. It has been almost one year now and I have NOT had any more episodes. I thank Dr. Monias for curing me, I recommend her to anyone with medical issues that is tired of not getting the answers they need to get them better.

Kingsley Amadieh

I love the way Dr. Susan always answers questions so thoroughly. I have sent her so many text messages/emails and she always responds quickly and is happy to give all the information you need to succeed. She made my road to getting healthy and easy one.

Beth B.

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