Your brain is the control center for your entire body. Is it running at peak performance?

Sometimes things in your body are going on that can’t be explained by the traditional medical world. You don’t feel well. You’re tired all the time. Things are happening, but you can’t find out why. For years doctors ignored things like chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, claiming these were not real, patients were having psychological problems. I have patients who have calcium being deposited in their arteries and there’s no medical explanation for it. I see reports that their arteries look like a much older person than they actually are, or that the patient seems to be somebody who’s suffering from various types of gut issues that the doctors had no explanation for at all; tests comes back negative, or even more frustrating, “inconclusive”. I have testing to test for neurotoxicity in addition to the functional blood chemistry analysis.

In the functional blood chemistry analysis it will show up as toxicity. Mercury is being seen in the body; hemoglobin and hematocrit and the B-complex vitamins are very off. Various environmental toxins are endocrine disruptors, and the brain has many glands producing hundreds of hormones to regulate the entire body. These toxins can cause cellular membranes to become inflamed and the hormone receptors are blunted.

And again, I test for that in my clinic. There are two tests that I do in addition to the functional blood chemistry analysis. These tests are relatively inexpensive for the value that they hold. These tests would be worth a thousand dollars each if we charged that because they are giving you answers that you wouldn’t get anywhere, but we charge a fraction of that and we make it very accessible to people so that they can find out if neurotoxicity is a part of the issue in their bodies.

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