Autoimmunity is definitely one of my specialties because I suffered with MS, multiple sclerosis. Autoimmunity is the immune system responding against and attacking your own healthy cells and tissues. My MS diagnosis came seven years ago. I was debilitated seemingly overnight, I was told there was no cure for it, and that it was unavoidable that I would be in a wheelchair within five years. Well, it’s now seven years later and I’m still here helping hundreds of patients with autoimmunity disorders.

Autoimmunity usually revolves around what I call a “perfect storm” or a “three-legged stool” because there are several of factors involved with autoimmunity:

  1. Genetics: We all have two copies of our genes, and some of our genes can be disease causing. But there can be environmental issues that cause us to express the unhealthy genes over the healthy ones.
  2. Your microbiome: If your gut is in good health then your immune system is in good health.
  3. Stressors: What stresses are in your life? So this always goes back to my philosophy, which is remove the interference and the stressors and the body will heal itself.

I’ll use the example of my autoimmunity. When I was suffering from major MS symptoms, I couldn’t feel the whole right side of my body, even my right eye was shut and I couldn’t open it. In the medical world they focused on looking at my brain, because that’s where the lesions are, it’s where my body was attacking my brain. But the truth is like an iceberg. The symptoms are the ten percent above water that you can see. For me the symptoms weren’t just that I couldn’t move the right side of my body, the symptoms were also that my body was attacking my brain. But underneath the iceberg there’s a huge mass underneath the water that we can’t see.

Starting with functional blood chemistry analysis. I get an overview of everything going on in your body to see if you are suffering from gut inflammation, or gastric issues that could be gut pathogens, etc. The gut is the center of our health, and our guts are being destroyed all the time because the food supply, glyphosate, toxins, unhealthy chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, the air we breathe, heavy metals, etc. We have to discover how these are affecting your individual body and create a plan from there.

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